Today’s home buyers have more choices than ever before. One of the first choices to make is whether to buy a new home or a resale. There are many advantages to purchasing a new home that can make the process much more relaxed and ensure years of comfortable, quality living for you and your family for years to come.


When you buy a new home, you can choose to work with new home builders in Western Sydney who offer custom home designs. You’ll have the freedom to choose everything that goes into your new home, from the appliances and flooring to the paint colours. That means that if you want to, you can move into a house specially designed just for you based on exactly what you want.


Many home buyers prefer buying new homes because of the extended warranties on the structure itself as well as the appliances and fixtures. There’s a great sense of relief that comes from knowing you won’t be stuck with expensive repairs anytime soon – not always the case when you purchase an older existing house. With a new home, everything is ready for you to move in and continue with your life without worrying about the problems that can occur in older homes.

Energy efficiency

New homes are built to be energy-efficient in a couple of ways. First, they tend to be more tightly sealed to keep cooler air in during the hot summer months and heated air during the winter, which can save you a significant amount of money in energy costs. Second, they typically come with energy-efficient appliances to further reduce your energy bills and help you do your part to protect the planet. Older homes often have older appliances that aren’t as green.

Fewer repairs

Even if you buy an older house with a warranty, you may find that it isn’t worth the inconvenience of frequent maintenance. With new home designs, you’ll enjoy new appliances, carpet, paint, structures, and more that most likely won’t need to be repaired or upgraded anytime soon, giving you years of enjoying your new home without worrying about taking time to schedule repair services or carry out these repairs yourself.

New home designs in Sydney from Inspired Residential

Buying a new home can save you a substantial amount of money and hassle both now and in the future. At Inspired Residential, we are committed to providing our clients with the beautiful new homes they want, whether that means making changes to one of our existing floor plans or designing a completely customised home for a client with specific needs and preferences. Our extensive experience as new house builders in Sydney has given us the knowledge of the Western Sydney area and the house building process to deliver the highest level of quality and service to each of our valued clients. Contact Inspired Residential today so we can get started discussing your dream home and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.