My wife and I run our own Architectural / Landscape design practise (Green Tree Designs) and have been designing homes and gardens for nearly 20 years. When my wife and I decided to design our dream home we knew it was going to be an exciting and stressful process from design through to construction, but one thing we did not expect was the process to be so smooth & the home to be finished so well. As an experienced home designer I knew plenty of builders, but most quotes came back very expensive and time frames seem to be unachievable. So when I had met mark after working with him on some other projects, and seeing some of his quality work, we decided to give Inspired Residential the job of building our home. I can honestly say, my wife and I were very impressed in the quality of the finishes as there were some very detailed architectural elements with our home design. We were also taken of how Mark was so patient during the construction process as there were some on-site changes and last minute decisions due to the complexity of the design. The amount of feedback we receive from friends and family, noting how nice our home looks and feels and wanting to know who built the home has been overwhelming. I would definitely recommend Inspired Residential to any future home owner, whether its a small granny flat or a large estate home like ours, its clear that Mark knows what he is doing and knows how to treat his clients on a friendly professional level. Thanks Mark… you’ve done a great job..George Jacovides

Mark was the best builder we could find that would allow us to design our house from scratch. From the start he was extremely helpful in designing our home and after many different designs we finally decided on one that we loved. Our selections were made easy and the choices were unlimited. He gave us enough time to work them out as well as any assistance that was needed. We had many custom inclusions we wanted part of the build and they were never a problem. Any idea we came up with Mark was able to talk us through and if it was achievable he got it done for us. We cannot fault Mark’s professionalism or workmanship. He prides himself on using the best trades that show up on-time and complete the work to his standards (extremely high standards as well). I would highly recommend Mark to anyone thinking of building. We had plenty of people tell us they would never build again after the stresses of building their own home, but I can confidently say I would have no issues with building another home with Inspired Residential. We can’t thank Mark enough for the house he has helped become a reality and regularly get praise from friends and family on the quality of finish of the house. Thank you again.Cameron Sampson

Having been strung along for 6 months by a builder, I was highly sceptical to give Mark the job. In all honesty, I would have preferred someone older with decades of experience – I need not have worried. Mark was the most professional tradesman/builder I have come across in my long years. He was always on time or in touch, and he attended every issue without delay. Nothing was, “Lady, it can’t be done” – which, in my experience, is the catchcry of many tradies! In fact, I threw a few curly projects his way, and at all times he was most helpful, accomodating and quick to accomplish. I was also impressed with the fact he was on site most of the time, even providing hands-on help when needed, over and above his own job spec. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.Anna Soos

Marks attention to detail is unbelievable. The standard he sets for himself and the people he works with are second to none. We’ve had quantity surveyors, a valuer and real estate agents come through and all have made note of the outstanding quality of the build. Can’t fault this business. Even throughout the build process nothing was too much hassle we added appliances, changed the kitchen layout and never a complaint, just an edit in our inbox to approve. Highly recommend!Beau Cook

After wasting countless months with another builder and being stuffed around, we cancelled our tender and decided to give Mark a go after a recommendation from someone who had built with him.
We changed our design and layout countless times and even made some building changes at the very last minute but each change was easily accommodated by Mark. Our build time was exactly what we were told, the quality is impeccable and the comments we are receiving from friends and family are amazing. A great local builder.Christine Gauci

We would give a higher rating if possible. Prior to starting the build we made so many changes to what we wanted and then we had the arrival of our baby, and Mark was so accommodating. He made the whole process from start to finish easy and answered all our questions. The end result is better than expected. Mark is very professional and we would highly recommend him to anyoneHeather Lennon